Articulation Agreement Process

Want to learn more about the transfer process and see what it`s like to be a student at Azusa Pacific? Take part in one of our upcoming campus events, specially designed for transfer students. Articulation agreements are essentially contracts that determine courses directly taught between a university and a university. These agreements are specific to each school and can assure students that the general education courses (as well as the main and secondary courses) they take at a junior university can be charged on their four-year degree at a partner university. The launch of a community college may be due, among other things, to financial reasons to explore career opportunities, flexible schedules, career interests, or to deal with the best way to manage low academic degrees. However, in today`s competitive labour market, many of us choose at some point to continue our training beyond a two-year program. Checking the articulation agreements available with four-year institutions before investing a lot of time in courses is a smart step to work early in your academic career, if you know that at some point you need or want to graduate from four years. If you are hoping to complete your university education at a four-year university or university, you can always start at Community College. The key is to do your research to find out if any of the schools near you have articulation agreements that could help you make the transition more fluid. Good luck! Coordinating the transferable education of a two-year school and a four-year college ensures a smooth transition from community school to university or from Degree to Bachelor.

The most important measure of the effectiveness of transferring a two-year college to a four-year college is the correlation between course work between the two institutions. Articulation agreements provide students with a better opportunity to identify appropriate community courses that are delivered and meet the university`s requirements. Anthony J. Ervin is Assistant Director of Bachelor Admissions and Multicultural Recruitment at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Community University students who obtain an associate degree can be transferred to related licensing programs at many Florida colleges. Transfer agreements also exist between many institutions in the University of Florida system and private or independent schools. Some bachelor`s programs offer partnerships with various public and private universities for study that ends on campus or online. In fact, some universities, such as Azusa Pacific University, provide lists of partner schools with articulation agreements; APU even contains a direct link to each agreement, right down to the exact course codes. Other schools may have students to contact a articulation officer to check transferable courses and cooperate between universities.