Ceo`s Love Agreement Manga

Declan Knight, a popular socialist, showed up at Gwen`s engagement party. His obsidianoids burn intensely and think about the last thing they had eight years ago. Gwen consoled him after the death of his beloved, but in the glow of his passion, he larated Gwen as if she were nothing. Gwen has no idea why he showed up, so she`s as surprised as anyone when Declan takes Gwen`s hand and explains to the room that he`s her fiancé! Your best friend was planning a meticulous plan to plan it. Her first time, she was abducted by a cold demonic president. Her first love she loved was also ruined. He overturned a marriage contract, ignored their resistance and explored his property around the world. The hero and heroine didn`t have the best time to see each other again. In the past, the heroine was the best friend of the hero`s friend. When the two ladies found themselves without experts (at the friend`s request) for professional climbing, they found themselves in a dangerous situation.

The girlfriend sacrifices herself to save the heroine, but not before telling her to take care of the hero. After the funeral, the heroine will check the hero who is not happy to see her. There are a few insults, then some deep kisses, followed by « Want to Escape » and at the end with a heartbreaking coitus. The next morning is like Greenland during the winter season. In fact, they do not see each other for eight years, until the heroine surrenders to the hero to tell him that these two have left her in the dust by the heroine`s fiancée, who has fled for her money. All this takes place just before the party that wanted to announce the engagement of the heroine OM. I liked that we saw the hero`s thoughts throughout all this, because it will be exhausting if you only see one point of view in the book. Then he arrives with a plan to save both: he marries the heroine to gain access to a trust that has been transferred to him, and they use it to cover the losses.

The heroine rejects the idea first, then sticks to it. Then the hero settles into the heroine`s house, which is restored, and they spend time together rebuilding, restoring and renovating the house. In fact, the hero even offers an electric grinder to the heroine and has the job of restoring an old hotel that he will open. I loved seeing their fights giving their power of attraction to each other. Everything is fine, even after the wedding, until the hero and heroine are in a hot moment and the heroine says the name of the ex-fiancee. This one word immediately disables the hero and he leaves; I don`t blame him because no one wants his partner to say the name of a former lover, as is important, how mean or kind they were in intimate moments.