Streaming Agreement Wedding

In any case, a virtual wedding allows everyone to participate, whether you are in a large place or in your backyard. For adjustments or informal purposes, these free platforms work properly. But for an important event like a wedding, with a phone is not a good option. On the one hand, phones have problems with sound, image quality under difficult lighting conditions, battery life and connection stability. The last thing you want on your wedding day is that your feed dies because of the death of the phone or the loss of its Internet connection. Can you send paper invitations for a virtual wedding? absolutely. Many people are attached to physical wedding invitations as personal memories and they are certainly a nice note. Of course! Note, however, that these platforms strictly enforce copyright infringements. If you use recorded music during your wedding, your stream may stop in the middle of the ceremony. We recommend one of two things… Either post a link to your wedding streaming site (which we make available to you) on Facebook, or allow us to render the audio « mute » during certain parts of your marriage in order to avoid the copyright filtering system.

Find compromises where compromises are possible and do your best to include your services in your marriage anyway. Our prices start at $1500 and increase depending on the live streaming or video options you want to include. We give our pairs all the flexibility in the options they choose – contact us to find out more! We recommend using stats for your devices to ensure the best picture quality. Once the cameras have been set up, you can click on a link to enter the streaming studio and you can access it! You`re ready to broadcast your wedding live. Virtual marriages are a spectrum. You can choose one of the above options or even have a virtual wedding company that broadcasts live toast or launch a virtual reception. If you also broadcast on YouTube or Facebook, please note that we cannot control privacy settings on these platforms. Contact us for more information when using these platforms. Not at all. We provide you with a private streaming page so that only those with whom you have shared the link can watch.

We need a signed contract with a 50% non-refundable down payment to book services on your wedding date. The remaining 50% is due and payable on the day or before your wedding. If your wedding date changes or plans change, we will do our best to reschedule our services to your new date or change the location or conditions to suit your needs. But our schedule book well in advance, so make sure your plans are in place before booking us with this non-refundable deposit.