Subrecipient Agreements

Check the work statement before the requirement. Does it reflect the address request? Supplier and consulting contracts are signed by the Strategic Sourcing and Acquisition Services. Request for address. (SPA) spends sub-primes. By definition, the sub-recipient will carry out a substantial part of the proposed project, the sub-recipient will likely be the key to the proposal and will therefore be identified in the notification. A detailed breakdown of the proposed outsourcing budget, including all cost-share requirements, is included in the overall application budget. This includes all the costs of research and development services that need to be passed on to the subcontractor, which requires verification of all ancillary services and applicable research and development rates. The proposal should also include a well-defined volume of work, with clearly defined performance and/or outcome measures, and clearly define results and timelines. The institutional official of the proposed sub-recipient must approve the scope of the work and the budget. As annexes to the outgoing subawards available for partial performance, main assignment, scope of work, budget and budget narrative, as well as UM`s compliance and assurance declaration and audit certifications, if necessary.

Audit certifications and audit reports are required by sub-recipients at the time of preparation of the first subcontracting and, each year, during the subcontracting period. However, if the contracting end date is not more than three months after the end of the sub-receiver year, no review is required for the additional year. Outsourcing agreements for externally funded projects are prepared by ORSP staff. For the rest of this document, the term « subcontractor » is used only for non-credit relationships. Once it is established that the nature of the relationship between Harvard and the organization involved in the supply of goods or services must be treated as that of the buyer and seller, IP and its department are responsible for ensuring the proper implementation of a relevant agreement, in accordance with all academic and academic guidelines. This may require the approval of a department head or administrator, depending on the amount of funds to be paid to the seller. School funding offices and/or shippers` offices (OSP, HMS SPA, HSPH SPA) can be consulted on the appropriate recall and signing procedure for supplier contracts.