Telkom Vodacom Roaming Agreement

Apleni explained that Telkom recently switched from MTN to Vodacom as a roaming network partner. Rain has a lease that allows it to use some of the Vodacom network towers for its services. At the same time, Vodacom has a roaming agreement allowing it to use Rain`s 4G spectrum or radio frequencies that transfer data and information. Under the old MTN roaming agreement, Telkom was very aggressive in re-entering subscribers to its own network (TelkomSA) whenever it had coverage. MyBroadband asked Vodacom and Telkom about the current state of the roaming agreement and the timetable for its full implementation. Under the old roaming agreement, Telkom subscribers could only access MTN`s 3G/HSPA network. Telkom has signed a Rand 3G and 4G roaming contract with Vodacom. « If you move to the edge of the network, you will be migrated to the roaming network, » she said, noting that roaming is now flawless. Joosub said traffic would increase as a result of Telkom`s roaming agreement, but would replace the use of Cell C, which is now routed through the MTN infrastructure. Telkom CEO Sipho Maseko said seamless transfer and 4G technology were new entrants to Telkom`s roaming contract with Vodacom, which would « improve the customer experience on the Telkom network. » Vodacom CEO Shameel Joosub also told MyBroadband that the roaming agreement with Telkom would not affect the performance of its network after considering only users. With the new roaming agreement, Telkom also has access to more than 19,000 towers throughout South Africa: 14,000 on the Vodacom network and 5,000 on its own network. Contractual terms allow Telkom customers to call Vodacom`s 2G, 3G and 4G networks at full effect from June 2019. She said part of the transition from MTN to Vodacom as a roaming provider is to monitor network problems and address network issues when they arise.

« We are very pleased that Telkom has chosen Vodacom as our strategic partner and look forward to respecting this long-term and mutually beneficial agreement, » said Shameel Joosub, CEO of Vodacom Group. Read: Cell C enters into a roaming agreement with MTN Vodacom has not only allowed access to its LTE network faster, but has also offered Telkom a flawless roaming. This means fewer rejected calls when they pass between the two-round (or more) coverage cells. It focused on three key areas in which Telkom wanted improvements through its new roaming agreement: Telkom said on Wednesday that it had gone to the competition tribunal, which will rule on all cartel cases to verify the agreements first reviewed in 2018 by the competition authority, the Competition Commission and Icasa. They found nothing wrong with the deals. Telkom`s gradual transition from roaming to Vodacom has been underway for more than four months, but many customers have contacted MyBroadband as they do not yet benefit from Vodacom`s network infrastructure.